3 Things You Should and 3 Things You Shouldn’t Invest In. 

3 Things You Should and 3 Things You Shouldn’t Invest In.

When planning a home painting project, you need to know that there are some ways to save some money on materials; however, there are also some things that are worth investing in. As a painting contractor, I have plenty of experience in this field of work, and I have several tips that will help you do an efficient and affordable painting job.

3 things that are worth investing in:

  • Paint. We recommend you invest in better quality paints because they are the most important thing in the whole project. Better paints produce better results, it’s that simple. The higher the price, the better the qualities of the paint – more durable, stain resistant, washable, water-resistant, and so on.
  • Surface preparation. The one thing that can ruin a good wall painting job is a defect on the wall. So, if a certain wall has some cracks, dents, uneven parts, or any other defects, we recommend you call a residential painting service provider and have him fix and straighten the walls.
  • Quality tools and safety gear. If you’re doing the work on your own, then we suggest you equip yourself accordingly and make sure that everyone is safe. We suggest you keep your family out of the working area and invest in some reliable ladders, along with some plastic sheets to cover the surrounding area.

3 things that you can save some money on:

  • Colours. If you choose to paint a room in two colours, you will need to buy at least a bucket of paint for each colour. Sometimes, the paint does not get used to the fullest, and that can cost a lot. So, if you want to be more efficient in your spending on paints, then buy just one colour of paint, and calculate how much you’re going to need in advance.
  • The colours again. If you need to change the colour of a certain wall, it will probably take several coats of paint and a lot of time. However, if you want to refresh and improve the existing colour of the wall, then you can do it with just one coat of paint.
  • Prepare the place yourself. If you hire a painting contractor, they may charge you for the preparation of the working area.
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