How to Repaint Your Home’s Interior on a Budget

A Painter’s Advice on Doing a Painting Project Cheaply

If your home needs a good renovation and that includes a thorough painting job, then one way to do it is by calling a painter or a remodeler. However, if you’re doing all of that on a budget, then you might want to do some of the work on your own. Also, you may want to cut down on the expenses for tools and supplies. There are some things you need to spend less on, and other things that are worth every dime.

So, here is what you should invest in:

  • The quality of the paint is probably the most crucial thing for the success of your project. That’s why it’s worth investing in it. The better the paint, the longer it will last, and the better it will look. Also, some of the more modern paints have pretty good water-resistance and increased durability. Furthermore, quality paints need less coating in order to achieve quality results. So, with just a few coats, you can be done with the painting and save yourself a lot of time and money.
  • Another good investment is in wall preparation. Fixing wall imperfections and preparing it for painting can help you achieve better results.
  • Painting can be a tiring and time-consuming activity. That’s why we recommend people to get quality tools and equipment. Why stand in various uncomfortable positions all day long, when you can get a ladder and a quality roller with an extendable handle. Also, as a painter, I recommend you get plenty of plastic sheets to help you keep the mess to a minimum.
  • When it comes to saving money, the first thing you can do is use very few colours. Purchasing various buckets of paint can be expensive, and you’re bound to leave most of it unused. If you use one or two colours, you can estimate and calculate your expenses better.
  • Another way to save money on the amount of paint is by painting with the same colours. Instead of changing the colour of the room, simply repeat it. It will take just one coat, and it will be very cost-efficient.
  • Lastly, before the painting starts, the room needs to be cleared out. All furniture must be moved out of the way and the floors must be covered with plastic sheets. You can pay a painter to do that, or you can save the money and do the preparations yourself.
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